Parks College Academic Services

Academic Advisors support individualized educational planning and encourage strategies for academic and transitional success.

Academic Advisors

Please make appointments as early as possible!

Nancy Childrey
Academic Advisor
(314) 977-8234
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Summer Mattina
Academic Advisor
(314) 977-5494
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Lisa Michigan
Academic Advisor
(314) 977-2517
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Jennifer Masiulis
Academic Services Manager
(314) 977-8225
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Academic Advising promotes the holistic growth of students, respectful of their individual goals. Our integrated program works collaboratively with the University community in support of students’ academic success.

What is an Academic Advisor?

You will be assigned an Academic Advisor for the entirety of your academic career to assist with curriculum development and planning; refer to resources for academic and career success; and identify academic policies and procedures as they relate to the Jesuit model of education and the Five Dimensions.

What is a Faculty Mentor?

You will be assigned a Faculty Mentor within each major, minor, and special program you are pursuing. The Faculty Mentor will help you identify your academic and career goals; recommend courses of study and experiences in pursuit of these goals; assist in planning for internships, co-ops and volunteerism; and consider the role of the Five Dimensions in preparing you for life and the world of work.

Read this document to find out how to look up your faculty advisor.

Academic Advising Goals

The academic advising process is considered a very important aspect of a student’s educational experience at Saint Louis University. The goals of the advising process are to assist students in their understanding of academic requirements, to nurture intellectual maturation and self-confidence, to encourage students to take an active role in the advisement process, and to foster a positive working relationship between advisors and students.

At Saint Louis University, it is our expectation that all of our students will be successful. An ongoing and effective advising relationship can be a major ingredient in a recipe for academic success.

Below is a list of steps you’ll need to take to prepare for appointments, meet with your faculty mentor and academic advisor, self-register or take a summer course off campus. If you’re a prospective student, you may be interested in viewing our admission requirements or scheduling a campus visit.

Required By All Parks Students To Register:

Step 1: Prepare for Appointments

  • Pick up Registration Approval form in MDH 1004. 
  • Schedule your advising appointment using SLU Appointments, leaving 1-2 weeks to give yourself time to meet with your Faculty Mentor prior to meeting with your Academic Advisor.
  • Print out your transcript and midterm grades, if available.
  • Use flow sheet to identify courses needed for next semester and complete your Registration Approval Form (found in MDH 1004).

Step 2: Faculty Mentoring

  • Meet with your Faculty Mentor to discuss academic and career goals, ways to reach those goals, and any issues that may impede progress.
  • Discuss current courses and plans for next semester.
  • Upon approval, Faculty Mentor should sign your Registration Approval Form.
  • BME and Aviation Science students should attend the group mentoring session before meeting with the Academic Advisor. Details about the group meetings will be provided by your academic department.
  • “Who is my Faculty Mentor?” - Read this document to find out how to look up your Faculty Mentor.

Step 3: Academic Advisor Meeting

  • Meet to discuss registration, academic progress, summer plans, etc.
  • Review courses on Registration Approval Form.
  • If you have met with your Faculty Mentor and your Academic Advisor, you will get your PIN in this meeting.

Step 4: Self Registration

  • Register in Banner Self Service.
  • Deviation from Registration Approval Form must be approved by the Academic Advisor or Faculty Mentor. (Except changes to the day/time of a particular course.)

If you would like to take a college course this summer at an institution other than Saint Louis University, please follow these steps:

  1. Pick up a Petition for Off-Campus Enrollment (Form #7) in the forms tower located outside of the Advising Offices, MDH 1004. Complete the form by following the instructions.
  2. Identify the course subject code and number of the course you would like to take off campus. If you are unsure which course of many would transfer, identify all courses you think might possibly work.
  3. Go to SLU’s unofficial Transfer Articulation Website, to determine if the course or courses you have identified will be accepted for transfer. If a course is not included in this database, it means the course has never been evaluated by SLU. On this website, you may choose to do a Course by Course Articulation or a Articulation Listing by College.
  4. If a course does not appear on the Transfer Articulation Website, you may have it reviewed for articulation by filling out an Off-Campus Articulation Request Form (note: you must be logged in to your mySLU account to view form). Having a new course reviewed and approved could take approximately 4-6 weeks, so plan accordingly.
  5. Remember: you must earn a C or better in a course off campus for the credits to transfer to SLU. Additionally, any credits earned off campus will not factor into your SLU GPA. Courses retaken at another institution will not replace the grade earned at SLU.