Meet Our Students


Donald E. Lyle


Advisor/Mentor: Stephen M. Belt
Program Start: Spring 2015



Donald E. Lyle is currently a Captain at Southwest Airlines. He is based out of Dallas, Texas, and has more than 30 years as a professional aviator. His education background includes a BSBA in Aviation Administration, University of North Dakota, and an MBA in Transportation Management, University of Minnesota. He is a retired U.S. Navy F-14 Radar Intercept Officer, designated a Naval Flight Officer June 15, 1984. He has a wife, Cynthia, and two adult daughters. He is an avid ice hockey player and fan, and enjoys Indy Car racing. Don currently resides in Arlington, Texas.


For his doctoral dissertation, his current plans are to research any correlation between ATC intervention and any increase in altitude or airspeed deviations on Next Gen RNAV arrival and departure procedures.