Meet Our Students


Mayen G. Makoor


Advisor/Mentor: Manoj S. Patankar
Program Start: Fall 2016



Mayen lives in Atlanta, GA. He is married to Ayen Chol and is blessed with two sons, Guot Mayen, 5, and Makoor Mayenr, 3. He has been an aircraft mechanic with Delta Airlines for 12 years. Mayen graduated in 2014 with a Dual Master of Aeronautical Sciences (MAS), Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Science with specialization in Aviation Safety and Airline Operation Management. His BA (2010) is in Aviation Maintenance Management from Metropolitan State University MN, and AAS degree is in Aviation business from Academy College (2009). He has a Private Pilot License (Thunderbird Aviation) and FAA Airframe and Power plant Curriculums two Years of Technical College from Florida State College, Jacksonville (A&P Curricula, 2004).


Mayen Makoor is a Ph.D. student (2016-2021) with interest to investigate Aviation Safety in Africa, particularly in South Sudan, the youngest nation on earth and the newest member of ICAO since 2011. The Fledgling South Sudan doesn’t have aviation regulatory body of its own, aviation rules and regulation has not been ascertained, which allowed the region to attract old aircraft that wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to fly in any country other than the South Sudan.