Meet Our Students


Michael C. Elsenrath


Advisor/Mentor: Terrence K. Kelly
Program Start: Fall 2014



Mike Elsenrath currently resides in Memphis, TN and is employed by FedEx as a Captain and instructor on the Boeing 757. Prior to FedEx, he was a Demonstration Pilot at the Raytheon Aircraft Company (Hawker/Beechcraft factory) in Wichita, KS. Academically, he completed his undergraduate degree in Commercial Aviation from the University of North Dakota (UND) in 2000. After a decade out of school he returned to UND in 2010 to start his graduate studies, completing his Master of Science degree in 2014. He enrolled in the Ph.D. program at Saint Louis University in 2014 and anticipates graduating in 2018. Mike is engaged to his fiancé Kate who is also pursuing her Doctorate degree as a Nurse Practitioner. Together they enjoy live music and world travel.


Mike’s current area of research interest for his dissertation seeks to explore the effects of further adjustments to the mandatory retirement age for commercial airline pilots. Specifically, whether airline pilots are willing to work beyond age-65 and the impact of further retirement age changes on forecast labor supply shortfalls.