Meet Our Students


Tim M. Kroll


Advisor/Mentor: Manoj S. Patankar
Sponsor/Grant: Boeing
Program Start: Spring 2015



Tim holds several degrees: B.S. in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from Parks 1987; M.B.A. from Webster University 2004; M.S. in Information Mgmt. with a certificate in Project Management (PMBoK) from Washington University 2006; and a M.S. in Systems Architecting and Engineering from USC, Viterbi School of Engineering 2008. He has 22+ years working in the aerospace industry, 10 years with the Department of Army, Aviation Systems Command (AVSCOM), and 12 years at The Boeing Company in St. Louis. He has been the Systems Engineering and Integration Team (SEIT) IPT Lead for the development of the Countermine System (CMS), and now Project Engineer on several Apache and F-15 international Training Simulators within the Visual Systems Capability in TSGS. His experience includes Aerospace Engineering on new weapons systems development (i.e. Apache and Comanche Helicopters), Maintenance/Liaison Engineering (all Army Aviation Products), and Systems Engineering on aircraft like the C-12, U-21, and OV-1 Mohawk.


Tim is in the dissertation research part of his Ph.D. program. His research plans are in the Aviation and Aerospace Project Management “Arena” due to the extremely high failure rate of 68 percent. The opportunity to reduce this rate would mean so much to local, national, and international communities in terms of employment and enjoyment of innovations that will provide for safer, cheaper, and cleaner air travel. Future plans are to teach and continue research at the university level.