Meet Our Students


Andrew J. Dunn


Advisor/Mentor: Scott Sell
Program Start: Summer 2015



Andrew Dunn is in his first year as a biomedical engineering Master’s student here at Saint Louis University. He is originally from St. Louis but went to the University of Missouri for his undergraduate degree in biology. He worked for a few years clinically, before deciding that he needed more out of his career. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, playing disc golf, and watching football and hockey. 


Spinal cord injury patients can develop a type of skin breakdown called pressure ulcers. The weight of the body cuts off the blood supply to an area for an extended amount of time, essentially destroying the tissue. When blood returns to the area, macrophages infiltrate, scavenge and phagocytize the area. The macrophages create a positive feedback loop of destruction in the wound causing unhealable wounds. Andrew is trying to create a dressing that can go into these wounds and prevent these macrophages from creating further damage, accelerate healing, and provide structure to prevent scarring. He is using a technique called electrospinning to create his scaffolds (dressing). Electrospinning creates nanofibers that can be collected into a randomly distributed tissue-like structure. This structure will degrade over time and secrete proper growth factors to promote healing of the wound.