Meet Our Students


Clarissa M. LeVasseur


Advisor/Mentor: Michelle Sabick
Program Start: Fall 2016


Clarissa is in her final year of the accelerated BS-MS program at Saint Louis University. She is originally from Pinckney, Michigan, and received her undergraduate degree from SLU in 2016 in biomedical engineering with a minor in engineering mathematics. She has been a part of the MEDIC lab, led by Dr. Michelle Sabick, since its creation in the fall of 2014. Her goal is to graduate in the spring of 2017 with a job in the field of biomechanics.


The glenohumeral joint (GHJ) is one of the most complicated joints in the body, and ultimately, one of the most unstable. Subluxation, or a stretching of the ligaments can occur both acutely and chronically, affecting everyone from young athletes, to elderly stroke patients. Clarissa’s research focus is creating a computational musculoskeletal model to better understand shoulder instability and how best to treat it.