Meet Our Students

Saahil C. Sheth


Advisor/Mentor: Silviya Zustiak
Sponsor/Grant: Parks College
Program Start: Fall 2015



Saahil is a first year Ph.D. student working under Dr. Zustiak in the biomedical engineering (BME) department. He graduated with a bachelor of science in BME from SLU, as well. His ultimate goal is to help in some way or the other to develop a cure for cancer or any other major disease.


Saahil works in the Soft Tissue Engineering lab focusing on drug delivery and 3D cancer model studies. The main area of his research includes the diffusion and storage platelet-rich plasma (PRP) encapsulated polyethylene glycol (PEG) microspheres for use in knee osteoarthritis. In the future, he will be working on developing a matrix-embedded 3D in vitro model for cancer studies.