Meet Our Students


Yue Dong


Advisor/Mentor: Yan Gai
Sponsor/Grant: Parks College
Program Start: Spring 2015



Yue Dong is a Master’s student in the Biomedical Engineering Department of Parks College. She graduated from China Pharmaceutical University with a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacology. She is currently working as a research assistant in Dr. Gai’s lab and studies neural engineering.


Yue is currently studying neural engineering with a focus on auditory system. When a person hears something, the sound comes to their two ears in different times. This time difference help individuals identify the direction of sound source, and therefore, distinguish sound from the noise emanating from other directions. That’s why normal people can easily keep up with particular conversations in a noisy party. However, people with hearing problems may find it difficult to do that as the auditory systems are partially impaired. A strong effect of the noise preceding the sound, also called forward masking effect, is observed with hearing-impaired listeners and proved to be one of the key factors in sound discrimination in noise. My research hopes to find out how the forward masking noise affects the time difference information received by the auditory system.