Meet Our Students


Mehdi Motaleb 


Advisor/Mentor: Riyadh A. Hindi
Sponsor/Grant: MDOT
Program Start: Spring 2014



Mehdi Motaleb received a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Azad University-South Tehran Branch and an MSc degree in Structural Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. He is currently a PhD student at Saint Louis University, USA. His research interests are in the areas of bridges engineering, numerical modelling, rehabilitation of existing bridges, and FRP-application for strengthening and repairing of existing structures.


The research is dealing with Structural Investigation of a multi-girder steel bridge, originally built in the 1960s. This project consists of two phases: (1) Numerical modelling of the bridge and investigation on the reason for creation of existing fatigue cracks on steel girders, and recommending retrofit measures to repair the cracks and to halt the crack growth, (2) Conducting bridge instrumentation to compare the results of FE modelling with data collected from field test as well as examining the efficiency of the adopted retrofit option for repairing the bridge. This research requires a combination of knowledge in bridge design, retrofit of fatigue cracks in steel bridges, fracture mechanics, and Finite Element modelling.