Meet Our Students


Osama Mohammed


Advisor/Mentor: Jalil Kianfar
Program Start: Spring 2016



Osama joined the Doctoral Program at Parks College in Civil Engineering in Spring 2016. He has worked as a Highway and Transportation engineer abroad for more than 13 years. During that period, he held several engineering and management positions, working with several International Consultant Companies. Osama professional experiences include transportation planning and highway engineering, previous assignments include monitoring/organizing the engineering studies/investigations for various projects, traffic and transportation studies, development of travel demand model, junction improvements, estimation of trip generation and parking demand, preparation of traffic management schemes, development of service road traffic, roads design, alignment survey for roads and bridges, traffic surveys and supervision of engineering projects. As a transportation Engineer, Osama developed travel demand models using VISUM, EMME/3 and SATURN software. He is also familiar with VISSIM, PTV Vistro, SIDRA, HCS2000 and TRANSYT packages for junction performance analysis and signal coordination.


Osama’s research interests include traffic operations, travel time reliability, trip generation and parking demand, travel demand model, traffic modeling and simulation, transportation safety. His current research is focusing on investigate stochastic capacity at work zones and developing work zone Breakdown Probability Models (BPM) to calculate the probability of breakdown at any given volume.