Meet Our Students


Saber Abdoli


Advisor/Mentor: Jalil Kianfar
Sponsor/Grant: Parks College
Program Start: Spring 2013



Saber is currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil Engineering at Saint Louis University. He received his Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering (2006), and Master’s degree in GIS & RS (2011) from Azad University, Iran. He also earned a graduate certificate in GIS during his PhD degree program at the University of Texas at Dallas. He has a diverse skill set including computer programming, database management systems, machine learning, statistical analysis, traffic simulation, model calibration, and GISystems. Saber has extensive engineering experience in the industry with projects for numerous employers in Iran, ADA Authority Saudi Arabia, City of St. Louis, MoDOT, and IDOT. 


His dissertation research focused on “Improving Forward Collision Warning Systems Efficiency for Alerting the Driver”. In this regard, three main study areas consist of (1) assessment of incorporation of driver distraction provided by recent Naturalistic Driving Study datasets in the warning models, (2) Evaluation of a proposed data-driven Bayesian statistic threat assessment method based on real-world crashes in comparison with previous assumption-based threat assessment methods based on law of motion such as Time-to-Collision and Safe Distance, and (3) examining the effectiveness of employing context-aware systems approach in the field of crash avoidance in order to improve the system performance time and reliability.