Meet Our Students


Bing Han


Advisor/Mentor: Roobik Gharabagi
Program Start: Fall 2016



Bing grew up in China, Xi’an. He graduated from Kettering University, Flint, MI June 2016 with a BS in Electrical Engineering. During years he attended Kettering, he had the opportunity to join a co-op program. His co-op company was Magna Electronic. Bind worked on different teams such as validation, front camera, and electronic pumps. He enjoyed his experience working with professional engineers. He decided to pursue his M.S. at SLU because of the program the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering provides and he enjoys living in the U.S. Bing also enjoys planning piano and reading, running and going to the gym.


Bing’s preferred area of research is power electronics but he is also interested in image processing. This area is about focusing on generating an electrical interface to be able to switching the frequency or AC-DC in certain requirement. The benefits are about energy saving and increases efficiency.