Meet Our Students


Priya T. Patel


Advisor/Mentor: William J. Ebel
Sponsor/Grant: Parks College
Program Start: Summer 2015



Priya obtained her undergraduate degree in Electronics & Communication from SAL Institute of Technology and Engineering Research in Gujarat, India. She is greatly interested in studying core electronics subjects such as microprocessor, microcontroller, integrated circuits, antenna and wave propagation, digital/optical communication, audio-video systems, embedded systems, microwave engineering, wireless communication, digital signal processing, embedded systems, data communication and networking, image processing. While excelling in academics, she further delved into the robotics field by carrying out a Gesture Controlled Wheelchair. After completing her undergraduate studies, she worked as a project trainee at the Mechagineering Solutions on wireless systems, Raspberry pi, and Arduino micro-controller under the supervision of her project guide. As a graduate engineering student at SLU, she is able to implement her academic learning practically to further her thesis research while attending engineering events. Pursuing MS in electrical and computer engineering has helped her gain ample practical and technical knowledge.


The area of Priya’s research combines the concepts of both aerospace and electrical engineering. Its main objective is to build the cost efficient and light weight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which can achieve precision landing on a certain predefined target. This predefined target would get located with the help of an on-board camera of an aircraft. Finally, using algorithmic protocol, the distance between the UAV and the target will be collected to determine the proximity of UAV from target.