Meet Our Students


Shyma Shajahan


Advisor/Mentor: Kyle Mitchell
Program Start: Fall 2014



Shyma Shajahan is a Software Engineer, having experience in Industry and training. Shyma completed her B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from MES College of Engineering, Kerala, India and her, M.Tech in Software Engineering from Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala, India. During her studies Shyma has completed projects in Artificial Intelligence using JAVA Swings and NetBeans. She also has experience in C, C++, FORTRAN and LISP. She is also familiar in working in various Operating Systems Windows and Linux (Redhat, Fedora and Ubuntu). Neural Networks implementation for various learning purposes, NLP (Natural Language Processing), navigation of Robots, Parallel computing are her areas of research interest. Shyma has worked in various Engineering Colleges as faculty and also as Software Engineer in IT companies.


Obstacles can move freely in space at varying speed and direction, which makes navigation methods designed for static environments unsuitable for dealing with the tougher collision avoidance requirement. The major concern in this is the identification of the obstacles in the path and to obtain the most feasible path possible so as to avoid collision. Vision can provide a much richer data and can serve several purposes, such as (but not limited to) localization, recognition and pathfinding. Information from stereo and motion is used to extract the ego motion (visual odometry) of the vehicle. Stereovision based methods provide, through calibration, an absolute measurement of a 3D space. Disparity information can be used in order to detect, without any other input, potential obstacles. Shyma’s research aims to develop, implement, and simulate an algorithm to decide the landing of the UAVs so that collision can be avoided.