Meet Our Students


Zahra Eslami


Advisor/Mentor: William J. Ebel
Sponsor/Grant: Parks College
Program Start: Spring 2016



Zahra completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Islamic Azad University of Arak, Iran, where she first became interested in signal processing. She is currently writing her thesis on creating a virtual auditory space that can be implemented in specialized medical equipment, such as wheelchairs. In the past year, she also gained experience in digital signal processing, image processing, audio signal processing, robotics, and communication systems.


Zahra’s research falls within the area of Audio Signal Processing, where she is working at the intersection of the electrical and biomedical engineering fields. In her research, she is helping to create an individualized 3-dimensional auditory space that can be used to study brain responses to sounds being conveyed from different directions. This audio space will aid in creating a system for individuals suffering from paralysis to operate his or her wheelchair by focusing on the source of sound.