Meet Our Students


Aakash Gupta


Advisor/Mentor: Sanjay Jayaram
Sponsor/Grant: C-K Engineering & Parks College
Program Start: Fall 2016



A 2016 Honors B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Aakash Gupta 2016 received two distinctions upon graduation: SLU awarded him Outstanding Senior Design Project and the National Academy of Engineers selected him as a Grand Challenge Scholar. From India, Aakash chose SLU because he was looking for a program that would prepare him for an engineering career and afford him the chance to live in Europe and the United States. He was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for his 113-hour jam session, the longest guitar marathon by an individual in history. He distinguished himself as a musician, served on SGA, founded two student clubs, and published a book on astrophysics, Possibility of Impossibilities. He has published two research papers on mechanical engineering. Also, he interned at Boeing, Nidec Motor Corporation and GE-Aviation. Currently, he’s at work as a Mechanical Engineer at C-K Engineering and pursuing his Master’s at SLU.


Aakash Gupta is developing models/test procedures and test fixtures that can be utilized to predict wear in severe wear applications such as piston rings and engine exhaust. He is currently working with the Wright Patterson Air Force team towards Rotary Engine Apex Seal/Trochoid Wear Chatter Elimination program. He is utilizing advanced synthetic friction modifiers in connection with advanced materials for coatings and trochoid substrate to minimize trochoid wear and chatter in 38 HP UAV rotary engine. His focus in computational design and finite element analysis helps in validating experimentation and its outcomes. His research would contribute in building fuel efficient systems, better lubricant chemistries, and advanced coatings and materials that would aim to achieve Zero Friction.