Meet Our Students


Aaron Phu


Advisor/Mentor: Sridhar Condoor
Program Start: Fall 2015



Aaron Phu obtained his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, Saint Louis University (SLU). Beside from his passion in engineering, Phu is also an experienced computer analyst which led him to intern for the Information Technology Services Division at SLU throughout his undergraduate years. Upon graduation, he was promoted to a full-time analyst position where he had obtained the Apple Certified Mac Technician status. During these times, Phu continued his engineering study to obtain his M.Sc. degree in Aerospace and Mechanical engineering with a side focus on entrepreneurship. Currently, Phu is working on his Ph.D. at Parks College doing research in medical simulation, entrepreneurship, and consumer product improvement.


Aaron Phu is currently researching on developing systems and models to enhance medical simulation by providing improved methods and models to enable real-life medical simulation scenarios, such as brain surgery, heart surgery, and other non-invasive and invasive procedures. This will help ensure safety, effectiveness, and timeliness to the patient and the healthcare providers. Not only will the improvements in simulation benefit the doctors and surgeons, they will also be vital to the healthcare personnel in training and medical students to avoid unnecessary risks on real patients. In addition, Phu is doing research on product design improvement and idealization in the consumer markets to address end users’ issues, while incorporating the creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial mindset.