Meet Our Students


Federico Garcia Lorca


Advisor/Mentor: Srikanth Gururajan
Sponsor/Grant: Parks College
Program Start: Fall 2013



Federico Garcia Lorca is a Ph.D. student in the department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering at Saint Louis University. He started his bachelors in aerospace engineering in SLU Madrid and transferred over to SLU’s main campus in St. Louis as a junior, graduating in 2012. Federico grew up in a small town in southern Spain near the city of Murcia, a place that he believes gave him his optimistic and lively approach to most things in his life. Displaying interest in aviation and engineering early, he originally planned on joining the Spanish Air Force. However, his mother deemed the profession far too risky and so he decided – or was told – to go for the next best thing: aerospace engineering. Federico enjoys the outdoors, working out and listening to all sorts of music genres. A dedicated adventurer, he has visited five of the seven continents and is always up to try something new.


Federico’s research focus is on control theory and the application of machine learning techniques to control design. Machine learning, a subfield within computer science that has its roots in artificial intelligence, allows for a more complex integration of the pilot into the control loop with applications such as data driven controllers, adaptive assessments and human skill models. With the aid of these tools and others, this research will provide control design methods that integrate pilot performance with aircraft dynamics. Simply put, an aircraft with this type of control design will be able to adjust its control performance to the pilot’s skill level and continuously modify it during flight depending on conditions and mission objectives.