Meet Our Students


Gregory Pasken


Advisor/Mentor: Jianfeng Ma
Program Start: Spring 2016



Greg has a B.S. in both Mechanical and Electrical engineering with an Engineering Mathematics minor and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. He designed a launch system for National Center for Atmospheric Research Dropsondes from light aircraft. By simulating the flow around the aircraft and the Dropsonde launcher he was able to create a launch system that relied on gravity and flow around the aircraft rather than a mechanical system to launch the Dropsonde. He has extensive experience using ProE/Creo, Matlab, Abaqus, and SCTetra. Greg is also proud to be an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.


Greg’s area of research is nano-scale machining. He is researching how an acoustic vibration water jet can be used to machine hard brittle materials at the nano-scale. By creating a numerical simulation of the flow from and around water jet, a better understanding of the flow leaving the cutting head itself, the flow around the cutting head and how that flow can be directed to the machine materials is possible. The better understanding of the flow around the cutting head will be combined with a cutting tool simulation to help design tools to cut hard brittle material at the nano-scale.