Meet Our Students


Ye Bai


Advisor/Mentor: Srikanth Gururajan
Program Start: Fall 2014



Ye Bai received his B.S in Aerospace Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology, China. He is currently pursuing his Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering in Saint Louis University Park College. Ye was born in Chengdu, which is located in Western China. He enjoys world travel, soccer and cooking.


Ye is researching control, simulation and flight test of UAVs. Specially, he works on simulation and flight of quadcopter based on morphing geometric structure. By morphing configuration of the quadcopter during flight, it can achieve extreme flight, such as flying through narrow channel even the quadcopter has high payload and oversize structure. Ye also designs flight controllers, simulators to meet different morphing structures and make an automatic and stable flight. This would work for environmental measurement and disaster relief.