Math Placement

The Math Index is used for math placement at Saint Louis University. It is a number that represents a combination of High School GPA and the ACT or SAT Math scores. The index is based upon research conducted by the Math Department using five years of data looking at success in SLU mathematics courses. Every student will meet individually with an Academic Advisor to determine their Math-Index and math placement.

Math-Index Formula

ACT: 100*High School GPA + 22.5*ACT Math Score

SAT: 100*High School GPA + SAT Math Score

Math-Index Requirements for Engineering Students

  • MATH 120 College Algebra = 860
  • MATH 141 Pre-Calculus = 950
  • MATH 142 Calculus I = 1020
  • MATH 143 Calculus II = 1050

The following statistics represent the likelihood that a student will earn a B or better when placed using the Math-Index:

  • The minimum index required to enter each math course is set at the point for which the average grade in the course is B- and no more than 20% of students received a D or F, or withdrew from the course.
  • About 50% of students who got a B- or lower in Math 141 Pre-Calculus earned a D or F, or withdrew from MATH 142 
    Calculus I.
  • About 54% of students who got a C+ or lower in MATH 142 Calculus I earned a D or F, or withdrew from MATH 143 
    Calculus II.