Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees

Parks College offers a variety of degrees and cross-disciplinary programs and minors.

Bachelor of Science Programs

SLU Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology undergraduate degree programs are designed to provide career opportunities in any number of fields and will help you to fine-tune your skills, so that you can step into your profession with the knowledge and confidence needed to perform at the highest level.

Our departments include aerospace and mechanical engineering, aviation science, biomedical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, and physics. Follow the links below to view more information about specific aviation and engineering majors.

 Engineering Degree Programs

Engineering Undergraduate Minors



 Aviation Degree Programs

Aviation Undergraduate Minors




Undergraduate Minors - Other Programs

Parks students have pursued minors in Biology, Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics, Business Administration, Music, and Spanish, and have earned double majors in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics (among others). If you would like to combine your Parks degree with other certifications, your advisor will assist you in working up a plan.

 Minors at John Cook School of Business
 Minors at the School of Arts and Sciences

Study Abroad at the Saint Louis University Madrid Campus

Study engineering for two years in Madrid, Spain and two years at the Saint Louis University campus. This program provides students with the opportunity to distinguish themselves in their profession upon graduation by studying and learning Spanish, a language of increasing demand in the industrial field in the United States and elsewhere. 

Other Opportunities at Parks College