Institute of Technology Alumni Merit Award


Institute of Technology, Saint Louis University established the Alumni Merit Award to bring to the attention of the community and the nation, in a dignified and dramatic way, the end-product of the College’s diverse, well-rounded educational program, namely, distinguished graduates. Through this method of honoring a selected man or woman each year, the College aims to showcase the recipient’s contributions and accomplishments;

  • As a source of edification to its alumni and present and future students; and
  • To emphasize the skill and competence of the faculty in influencing the lives of outstanding alumni.

Qualifications and Regulations

The award is given each year to a member of the Institute of Technology Alumni association as is defined in the association constitution and by laws. The award is conferred only on a graduate who exemplifies, to an outstanding degree in daily life. To be more specific, this graduate shall have achieved success: a) In civic leadership or social welfare activities; and/or b) In professional or business life; and/or c) In intellectual or cultural pursuits; and/or d) In personal, home and family life.

Note: “The alumni committee on awards operates on the general policy that members of Parks College full-time faculty and current University Trustees are not eligible for the Alumni Merit Award. This would not apply to faculty members and Trustees who are at the point of retirement or have already retired. The committee might occasionally be willing to make an exception to this general policy…”

Previous Award Recipients

To view a complete list of Oliver L. Parks & Institute of Technology Alumni Merit Award recipients, click here.

Nominating Candidates

Any person may recommend a graduate for the award. Note, however, that the award is not given posthumously. The recommendation should contain a complete biographical sketch or profile of the person, together with the salient reasons why the nominee qualifies for this unique recognition. Nominations should be sent to the Office of Alumni Programs.

Download the Nomination Form

Method of Presenting Awards

The award will be presented during Homecoming Weekend, which is normally in the fall of the year, or at another suitable occasion as determined by the Parks College Alumni Association to achieve the purpose of the award. The recipient must be in attendance to accept the award at the time of presentation.