Why Should Anyone Join Air Force ROTC???

January 25, 2013
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By Cadet Derek Fallert


Why should anyone join Air Force ROTC?  Many reasons came to mind nearly instantly after asking myself this question.  Simply put, being a Cadet in AFROTC is very beneficial to your development as a person and ultimately as an Air Force Officer.   Undoubtedly, many, if not all of the lessons I have learned so far in ROTC will come to good use for the rest of my life.  Leadership, teamwork, time management, discipline, and determination are all qualities that I have developed during my ROTC career thus far, and I’d be willing to bet that any other Cadet that has spent at least a semester in AFROTC would say the same.

The main reason I believe anyone should consider joining AFROTC is the fact that there is NOTHING to lose, and many valuable things to gain.  Even if a Cadet would decide after a few weeks that the military is simply not for them, they would still walk away a different person than they were when they entered the program.  The lessons learned and values attained in ROTC do not only pertain to the military.  These things will also carry over to the civilian world, and help one to succeed in many environments.  For Cadets that decide that the military is in fact for them, the benefits only get greater.  The ability to receive scholarships, be a leader in the Cadet Wing, have a guaranteed job after college, and to receive a Commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the USAF are but a few.

I could go on and on about this subject, but I believe that these reasons alone are surely enough to explain why anyone should join AFROTC.  There is absolutely nothing to lose in joining the program, and some truly amazing things to gain.  Perhaps the coolest thing about being in AFROTC is the ability to answer the question “what are you doing after College?” with being an Officer in the World’s Finest Air Force.  Incentive Enough?  I think so!


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