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February 12, 2013
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By Cadet Brian Sullivan

Success in AFROTC depends upon how committed and motivated you are, along with goal setting. The road to becoming an officer in the world’s best Air Force is long and challenging.

The two verbs above go hand in hand, so if you are motivated to do well in AFROTC, you are committing yourself to study hard and perform well. Setting goals helps you stay motivated and committed to doing well in AFROTC. Some outsiders view AFROTC as a silly organization or extracurricular class taken for enjoyment. Their perspective, however, is far from correct. AFROTC is both physically and mentally challenging and this is where commitment and motivation will be beneficial. The physical standards are tough, especially if you want to compete for scholarships or rated positions. The best thing to do is create a workout plan outside of AFROTC and stay committed to it. Also set a goal of how well you want to perform on the PFA to stay motivated. Academic standards are also tough as there is a significant amount of warrior knowledge that must be memorized. Committing a few minutes of study time every night and setting a goal of achieving at least a 95% on all quizzes will definitely keep you motivated.

Commitment, motivation, and goal setting will make you very successful in AFROTC as long as you stick with it. They will provide the foundation for your development of desirable traits and characteristics in becoming an officer. The ultimate goal is to become a second lieutenant in the US Air Force. Having many sub-goals along the way will keep you committed to performing the duties to get there as well as maintaining your motivation.

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