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March 18, 2013
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By Cadet Ben O’Neill

The best officers that I have seen conduct themselves in a humble and serving manner. People often times get caught up in themselves and their accomplishments so it is easy to slip into a state of self-glorification. It is not hard for one to look at what they have overcome and view themselves as someone who is better than others. This is human nature. We like to reap the rewards for what we have done. If you work hard, you should be able to enjoy the glory, right? Wrong. This is the trap that unfortunately many officers fall into. They look at what they have accomplished without even stopping to consider all of the people that got them there.

What I have seen in officers that I truly have a genuine respect for is humility. A true leader takes their accomplishments, and instead of receiving the credit which is given to him, deflects that praise to those surrounding him. We can never take full credit for our victories in life simply because the credit is never fully due to us. What about the people in our lives that got us there or the people that helped us achieve that victory? Are we to neglect all that they did and simply take the credit for ourselves? Great leaders humble themselves, and also in doing that they serve as well.

Our lives are not solely about us. A true leader dedicates their time and wisdom to help those that they are in charge of. It is your duty as a leader to help those under you succeed. Think about all the people in your life that were in charge of you. Whether it be a mom, dad, coach, or boss. Those individuals help you grow into the person you are today. You can never take all of the credit for something because you were in some way, shape, or form influenced by those over you.

Being a leader demands a lot. It is not easy to invest in the lives of those under your command. You often sacrifice time, energy, and resources to train or help your subordinates. It is a humble person with a focus on service who will make the sacrifices necessary to invest in themselves in others. Maybe giving up your time to train or help your subordinates is not the first thing on your to do list. But it is what we as leaders need to be doing. At Detachment 207, our program would fall apart if our GMC, POC, and Cadre refused to put in the time to train one another.

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