Being in Air Force ROTC has made me realize...

April 2, 2013
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By Cadet Brian Potje

From when you are in grade school you are asked what you want to be when you grow up. Most will shout out the answer of a fireman or an astronaut or doctor, but how many will shout out that they want to be an Air Force Officer? As I remember none (at least from my grade school). Even going into high school your vision of your future changes, but as far as I remember becoming part of the Air Force was never even a thought for me. Though now that I am in ROTC all those dreams that you have had when you were younger are now a possibility. Not only could you be that one dream that you had when you were younger, but you can add in the prestige of serving in the military of one of the respected services.

Some look at it in the vision of once you graduate from college you will get a job and that will pretty much be it. You will work at that job, possibly start a family and then work until you retire. For me that just wasn’t enough. We have been told, almost bred, since we were young that we are always working for a goal in the future. I have lived my life by a simple quote that on old coach used to tell me every time before I went into the game, “If you are only giving just a 100% then you are not giving it all that you got, you always have that 110% to give.”  I can’t just give up that hard work and perseverance once I just simply graduate from college.  Joining Air Force ROTC has made me realize that there is always a new goal. Whether that be, making the new rank, or now having another reason to push me towards my master’s degree. There are some with a English major that can go to working in a nuclear facility in just a few months, then from there move on to be in charge of over a hundred people.  All cadets going through ROTC have already accepted the challenge to go beyond the simple: go to classes then graduate. We have all had a professor tell us that for a certain class we need to give up all extracurricular otherwise we will fail this class, and we have proved them wrong. ROTC is not a hobby; it’s not an extracurricular. The Air Force has become a way of life that I couldn’t even imagine losing.

So if you are ever wondering if being in Air Force ROTC could offer you what you want or if it will give you enough satisfaction for the future then you are thinking wrong. This program will allow you to pursue anything you want to do, you just have to be willing to put in the amount of time and work to succeed.

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