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April 5, 2013
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By Cadet Steven Bauer

Parks Guard Rifle drill team took to the skies this past month to Los Angeles for their annual attendance at the Southern California Invitational Drill Meet. This meet, hosted by det 060, included JROTC and ROTC color guard, 4-man, 16-man, and inspection teams from as far away as Alaska and Maine. All were competing for first, second, and third place trophies this year with more competition than ever before.

Parks Guard took their 4-man team consisting of Cadet Potje, Cadet Piezcynski, Cadet Bauer, William Washington and alternate Marleigh Voigtman. This 4-man team was scheduled to compete against twelve other senior teams ranging from a small air force detachment in Oregon, all the way to the Naval and Air Force academy teams. Parks Guard was scheduled to perform early in the morning, meaning that the sun would be directly in their faces for their routine. Luckily, no rifles were dropped and the routine went perfectly. With a few hours to kill until all the other teams had performed, Parks Guard retired to the hotel to recuperate and relax at the pool while anxiously waiting to attend the closing ceremony.

Once back at the drill meet, the names were called off of the top three teams. To many people’s surprise, neither the Naval nor Air Force academy were on there and to Parks Guard’s surprise neither were they. Even though the Guard didn’t come home with a trophy, they came home knowing they had a solid routine and made memories that will last a lifetime. A special shout-out to Tom Essenpreis (a Parks Guard Alumni and prior commander) for helping out the guard this past weekend and offering a professional tour of Los Angeles. Hopefully the Guard’s trip to Villanova in April will bring home a trophy but until then we will continue to strive for perfection, excellence, and esprit de corps.

For those interested, here is the link to the routine:parksguard

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  • Capt Tom Essenpreis, USAFCapt Tom Essenpreis, USAF

    Apr 5th, 3:19pm

    It was a pleasure to meet such a great group of PGers and Cadets and see PG in action.
  • Brittany EndicottBrittany Endicott

    Apr 5th, 7:43pm

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