Cadre Ceremony

April 21, 2013
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By Cadet Feysel Abdulkaf

What we had was a moment to celebrate the momentous occasion that each cadet wishes to have in their life time. To honor the cadre’s service to their country, with a few gifts here and there and of course the Colonel knowing his people got them wonderful gifts as well. However, the occasion wasn’t meant for physical objects, because that doesn’t encompass their sacrifices to their country.  Through the years the strangers in the offices became close friends and trusted allies to each of us, and most of all valuable mentors. Through the years these supermen and superwomen have become human to us. Not that they’re vulnerable, but that the blood that courses through their veins is like ours. That we can each connect to them through service of country. In each class we saw a bond grow; through each class we say a common understanding of serving ones nation. Each of them has served in ways I wish to someday serve my country. I cannot put in words the humility I felt through the ceremony, the honor I felt each time I heard TSgt. Shain yelling through the crowds about their years of outstanding service to country, to air force, and to us.

Good luck wherever life takes you!

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