My Experience With ROTC

by Cadet Steven Bauer

img2007-r0zGood Afternoon,

I am Cadet Steven Bauer and I am a junior in Saint Louis University’s Air Force ROTC program. Air Force ROTC has been the greatest highlight of my college career because I have learned a great deal in my classes and in our Leadership Labs that have helped me become a stronger, more confident leader. The ROTC program not only teaches you how to be a leader, but also to be physically fit, have a professional demeanor, and acquire people skills that will help you while on active duty.

The program also offers extra-curricular activities such as the Detachment 207 Color/Honor Guard and Arnold Air Society which allow you to increase your participation in the program. I am currently in the Detachment 207 Color/Honor Guard and had the experience of being the American flag bearer during the opening Rams game this year. The Color/Honor Guard also participates at many other venues and events in and around the St. Louis area and is an awesome extra-curricular activity to be involved in. Not only do you get to travel around and present the colors for events, but you also get to meet people of prior military service and have them share their experiences with you.

Arnold Air Society is another extra-curricular activity and is a service based organization that allows you to build professionalism and knowledge that it takes to be an Air Force officer. They are the cadets who go the extra mile to become more well-rounded cadets through increased Air Force knowledge and community service. ROTC offers a lot of opportunities for professional growth and creates a special bond between the members that will last a lifetime. It also has opportunities to become even more involved in the community while maintaining the image of a professional cadet corps. ROTC’s mission is to develop quality leaders for the Air Force, and I believe the program here at Saint Louis University is doing just that through their overall program as well as their extra-curricular activities that are offered.

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