December 2013

  • Pathway To My Future

    by Cadet Haleigh Jones



    My time as an AFROTC cadet has only been for a short period of time since I am currently an AS100 just finishing up my first semester in the program. None the less my time spent as a cadet has been a journey.

    I did not come from a military family so becoming an air force officer has not always been a dream of mine. The idea of joining anything military related was never brought up in my household. That was until my older brother made the decision to join AFROTC. My brother has always been a large influence in my life and someone to look up to. So, he brought the program to my attention and I was ready to listen. While informing me of everything the program had to offer he grabbed my attention. After many long talks with him I began to see that the route of AFROTC could potentially be a good decision for me as well and I too, with my family’s support, decided to join.

    I started out my first semester with little knowledge of the program and military in general. So, reasonably I was very nervous and not exactly sure what to expect. But, I chose to view the year as an experience more so than a commitment I was ready to make. Although there were many times I seemed to think to myself that the program wasn’t for me or I could be spending my time elsewhere I began to realize AFROTC is a place I belonged and have a future in. Through the struggles of time management, pressure filled leadership labs, and physical requirements, many obstacles were overcome and it all began to seem worth it. AFROTC has not only provided me with the knowledge necessary to be successful in the military but in life as well; leadership being one of the main lessons. I have also gained many experiences and unforgettable memories while in the program. As well as a direction for my future, which is something that has not always been clear to me. I have grown with the program and personally.

    Joining AFROTC has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far and I am excited for what the future holds in store for me as a cadet. Now I am ready to take the steps to make this a priority and major goal in my life. I am ready for the commitment and opportunity to make a difference alongside many other great individuals.

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  • End of Year Video

    By Detachment 207

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