February 2014

  • FTP semester From the Eyes of a 250

    February 25, 2014
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    By Cadet Mindaugas Asipauskas 

    FTP Semester 2014

    Becoming a part of something greater than you, takes courage, hard work and motivation and the ability to work as a team. There are many great challenges ahead but with each challenge we overcome, we are one step closer to our goals of becoming the Air Force Officers of the future. With our continued growth as individuals and as a squadron, I believe we have what it takes to push through as FTP’s and be successful at field training. I wish to my fellow class to not give up and continue on pushing through as we get closer to our time to show what we’ve learned. To my fellow classmates, the end is in sight. This is our time to show what we’ve learned. It is our time to lead by example. When it gets tough, remember the creed: never falter, never fail!

    Now that the field training prep semester has finally started, the stakes are getting ever higher. Pressure to perform has increased, and the stress has heightened. As a GMC cadet I know that we must master many things prior to attending field training. For some it is marching, while for others its warrior knowledge or proper verbiage. Whatever it may be, the pressure to perform is building, as we get closer to the end of this semester and closer to our time to go to Field Training.

    One might wonder how a college student feels during their FTP semester, when all of this additional pressure on top of being a full time student has to be managed? It certainly has been tougher than my last semester. There are new challenges and expectations that continue to push us FTPs with every new Leadership Lab. My FTP semester has been tough so far, but I know it will only get tougher as we go deeper into the semester and more and more will be expected of us.

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