Life In the Air Force

By Cadet Brittany Hamuka 


The Air Force has greatly impacted my life. Growing up in a military family I was given many opportunities. I was able to see the world, learn different cultures, and meet a lot of people. Although growing up in the military took away time with family back home, my immediate family has established strong relationships from around the world with people that we consider to be closer than family. I never stayed in a place longer than three years and growing up under the care of the Air Force, I now consider home to be wherever the Air Force sends me.

Becoming an Air Force Officer brings a variety of opportunities, along with a rewarding lifestyle. Being a member of the Air Force provides you with benefits in housing and insurance as well as, education, travel, comradery and much more.


While airman are at work getting the job done, the Air Force makes sure that every airmen is taken care of and rewarded with basic needs. Each airman is provided to with the opportunity to apply to live on base. When an airman is chosen to live on base, their maintenance and utilities expenses are covered by the Air Force. However, some airman chose to live off base. When making the choice to live off base, airmen will receive a housing allowance, which will help with the expenses of living off base. The amount received in a housing allowance depends on rank, family status, as well as location.


When joining the Air Force you will not have to worry about insurance. The military takes care of insurance for both military personal and their families. Military insurance covers dental and medical. Airman, as well as their families can be treated and taken care of at base medical facilities or by off base civilian medical centers.

Being in the Air Force provides you with job flexibility. You will have the opportunity to have a variety of different jobs and tasks throughout your military career. You will also be able to work with numerous different people.While in the military you are always learning new things. You can also be given the opportunity to go back to school without paying a dime.


In the military you move around a lot and see a variety of different places. While moving around you meet many new people, learn about different cultures and explore new things. Although being in the military takes time away from your family, the military provides you with comradery.

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