Alternative Concrete for Dams

February 13, 2012
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Category Civil Engineering
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Grout Enriched roller compacted concrete is gaining acceptance in the United States to produce an economical, low-permeability upstream facing for dams.Roller compacted concrete 

(RCC) is frequently used for the construction of mid-sized to large mass concrete applications, including dams, because of its faster placement rate, lower heat of hydration, and reduced cost compared with conventional concrete. RCC is a no-slump concrete that is typically spread in lifts as thick as 12 inches with earthmoving equipment and compacted with a smooth vibratory roller. Early experience on RCC dam applications in the 1980s showed a tendency for seepage to develop along the 1-foot-thick lift lines due to the tendency at the time to use a lean RCC mix. Therefore, many RCC dam designers started including an upstream facing system as a watertight barrier in combination with careful attention to lift joint preparation and treatment. The upstream barrier is typically constructed of a zone of conventional concrete, an exposed liner system, or precast concrete panels with or without a liner syste

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