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February 29, 2012
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Student Reflection - February 28, 2012

“Make a product and packaging that a retailer will want in their store.”  This criteria for the Innovation Challenge this week seemed simple enough.  However, everyone had the same inventions to choose from during the competition; the winners were picked purely on how well they could market their product.

Because most of our focus is usually on inventing and designing a product, it was difficult to switch gears and think about what would get the product sold in a store.  By thinking about the products we personally like to buy, we decided that packaging must be simple and efficient but also appealing to the eye.  We realized that the name and directions should clearly explain the product’s purpose. Through working in this challenge, we discovered that our own experiences as consumers can be a great resource when trying to figure out what the public is looking for in products.

- Winning post from Emily Hart


This weeks challenge asked us to create a product mock up. We choose a specific model of an extenson cord and began. It was up to us to determine if we solely made the product or if we would create packaging as well. Right away our team identified a need to create a clever package. Any team can build a model, but the packaging design had the potential to set us apart.Initially, we decided on a hanging design and from there our idea evolved. Each member of the team began to build off of the others ideas. Someone suggested the hanger be in the shape of a plug, then the idea of actually using the plug came up, and then the package was slowly created. This weeks innovation challenge focused on design and the importance of creating a product and packaging that is unique and easily understood by the consumer. We were able to achieve this in a collaborative way, building off of one and others ideas until our final product was something we were all proud of.

- Becky Mitrovich

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