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March 28, 2012
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Student Reflection - March 27, 2012

After losing for several weeks due to overly complicated projects, our team decided that the simplest idea for a grass-roots global practice campaign would be the best. The difference between the “global best practices” and our idea was that we had to convince people to adopt a good practice without the aid of a government mandate or massive funds. Getting people to adopt a practice is hard without some sort of incentive. The easiest good habit we could think of was recycling. The impact is not visible, and the visible incentive is coins if you’re lucky. That’s the exact opposite of motivating. It’s far easier to use human behavior than change it, so we used greed. People would rather have a chance to win a thousand dollars than an actual dollar, so our idea was to save the coins normally paid and have a lottery for them. Recycling companies could pay less per person, and the infrastructure already exists. Even though our idea was not revolutionary, it was a practical and novel way to get more out of a system already in place, which suited this challenge entirely.

- Winning post from Richard Pham

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