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April 4, 2012
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Student Reflection - April 04, 2012

In today’s challenge, there were two planners and one builder working on a Lego assembly without any verbal communication. As a planner, I felt I had a huge job to take on because my instructions had to be clear and simple. I made sure there were pictures as well as some written instructions to explain how to assemble each Lego correctly. For the more difficult parts we drew out each step, trying to show how all the pieces fit together. For one assembly however, we wrote it in a story format. Surprisingly, this proved to be the most successful because it was easiest to follow. This challenge proved to be difficult because everyone interprets instructions differently.

Through this challenge, I learned sometimes simple instructions are the most effective and easiest to interpret. I also learned without verbal communication every step has to be more precise. The detail is more important because the planners are not there to tell the builder what they are doing wrong. Overall, the challenge was a great learning experience and fun to be a part of.

Winning reflection — Kendra Patton


The competition today was an interesting experience. The two designated planners of the team had to make very effective instructions for the builder to use.  The builder was able to go out and have lunch while they made their instructions, which is a nice plus to the challenge today.  The builder, who had to build with only the given instructions was challenged with understanding the instructions without communicating directly with the planners.  

This was certainly a good experience that students may likely relate to their future jobs.  Often the only mode of communication in many industries is the procedures and/or notes that are given.  Hopefully this experience will emphasize the importance of clear communication.

Mark Reed

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