Secure Code Transmission Challenge

April 11, 2012
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Student Reflection - April 11, 2012

In today’s challenge, we had to design an encrypted code for numbers and letters using only a flashlight, markers and a clear piece of plastic. Our group took the markers and colored in pieces of paper and cycled through the ABC’s by 5’s with flashing clicks from the flashlight. We used the clear piece of plastic with flashing clicks for the numbers.  It was a ton of fun and really got our brains working. I loved how everyone gets mixed with different majors with how the minds think differently.  Our team was very successful and made one minor mistake in our entire code, so unfortunately, we did not win. Most groups had multiple mistakes, so I feel our group did very well.  We did this even with traffic of people crossing our paths. 

Winning Reflection - Jeffrey Newberry

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