Set Goals Like JFK Challenge

October 11, 2012
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Student Reflection - October 10, 2012

Whether it is a new product, a project plan, or simply an idea, presenting is crucial for success. This was the key take-away of today’s innovation challenge. John F. Kennedy had a goal in which the United States would successfully send a man to the moon and return him safely. His short and to the point speech provided the motivation, intensity, and confidence needed to make a nation believe in this same goal. This is why presentation is so important, not only for a powerful position such as President of the United States, but for everyone, especially those in industry. There are new innovative ways to do everything and these ways are thought of people of all socioeconomic classes. If these ideas are never heard, how will they be discovered? A well delivered speech is how ideas become actions. An industrial environment is filled with project engineers, electrical engineers, managers, and other front office employees who typically work with other front office managers, engineers, etc. Having interned in a factory setting and working on projects with both front office and front line employees, I have heard some ideas from those front line employees that could have a huge impact on how the factory runs but these ideas are never actually presented. It is times such as these that the lesson learned from today’s innovation challenge can be applied. Had this employee found the courage and the time to present his idea to a manger in a short and to the point speech, this idea could have become an action that could have significantly changed the factory. I will always keep in mind that moment at the internship and lesson learned today so that one day at my work place I will find the courage to express my projects, goals, and ideas in attempt to create better ways of approaching problems and finding solutions.

Winning Reflection - Michael Gilbreth

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