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November 9, 2012
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Student Reflection - November 7, 2012

The Challenge this week was far different than any of the Challenges I have done so far. In the spirit of Halloween, we had to design a costume in order to make someone laugh over Skype. This may have been the most difficult of the challenges because there weren’t too many guidelines. You just had to get creative and bring out a mix of your inner comedian and inner Project Runway star. It took a lot of communication in order to make the costume work, and people stuck with their strengths. Some people used their creativity, and some people used their outgoing personalities to act crazy. Both cases had their strong points. My group had a difficult time trying to come up with an idea and was a little bit slow putting it together. Although this cost us in the competition, it was a great time being able to see the different groups act for Katie (the woman we tried to make laugh over Skype).

Although this challenge may not sound like it is very difficult or that a lot can be taken from it, it turned out to be very helpful. It taught me that communication is crucial. If people keep to themselves and don’t express what they are thinking, then nothing is going to get accomplished. I learned that some planning is good, but sometimes you just have to run with an idea and make it work out as best as possible. The winning group just put some random things together and got some laughs. One of the most important things I took away was that it is always good to take a step back from engineering and get a good laugh.

Winning Reflection - Brenden Graczak

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