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November 15, 2012
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Student Reflection - November 14, 2012

When I usually think of innovation, I think of creating a new product that is an elegant solution to a problem. In this week’s challenge, however, my understanding of innovation was completely turned around. Each team had to come up with a creative problem solution, but the point was to make the design as ridiculous as possible.  I was not prepared for this twist. Nor was I prepared for how much fun it turned out to be! My team’s original plan was to make some sort of hands-free drinking device. We noticed that many other groups had this idea, too. Because of this, having an original design became a key factor in our brainstorming process.

Our final design was “The Ultimate Cleaning Outfit”. This included felt knee-pads and gloves for dusting, a duct-tape shirt for rolling on the ground to pick up crumbs, and a tall, nonsensical feather hat for dusting high places. While we were waiting for our turn to present, we got many strange glances and questions like, “What’s with the crazy costume?”. This confirmed that we definitely succeeded in creating a silly product.  One area I feel we could have improved, though, was catering towards our audience. Although our design made cleaning easier, no one likes to clean. The winning team incorporated a transportable movie theater into their design, which met the judges’ want for entertainment as well as innovation. 

Even though my team did not win, being original with your design and catering the product towards an audience are both great innovation skills that I will use for future challenges!

Winning Reflection - Emily Hart

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