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November 29, 2012
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Student Reflection - November 28, 2012

Innovation and engineering is similar to that of originality and writing. To be a stand-out author, one needs to produce an original piece of writing that separates itself from work done by others. In the same way, to be a stand-out engineer one needs to think outside the box, stray from conventional ideals, and combine what is known in ways no one has thought of.

This week’s innovation challenge focused on all the above as three individuals had to create a product combined of their separate hobbies. This challenge brought forth the thought process of how to combine what is known into a product that no one would typically think of. This mindset of thinking outside the norm and combining seemingly unrelated ideas is the foundation of how new inventions, theories, laws, etc. are created. There are many out in the world that have made and continue to make lots of money because of thinking the way this week’s challenge was encouraging us to do. But there are still millions of products waiting to be created. Combing one’s knowledge as an engineer and innovation is exactly how we have come so far in in technology and all other fields and it is this combination one should strive for so that they can create the next big thing or so that they can be the one that changes how people perceive the world.

Another lesson learned from this challenge was entrepreneurship. The ability to express to others why your idea or product is not just a good idea but why it is needed is critical in today’s world where investing time and money is so huge. By presenting the products made, this week’s challenge taught the value of entrepreneurship as the products needed to be sold and the judge needed to be convinced that what he/she was seeing was the most innovative given the constraints of the groups three hobbies. A good idea or product is a huge step, but getting others to believe in that idea or product is just as important.

This week’s innovation challenge should always be kept in mind as students go on to the workforce or continue their education. The mindset enforced and the importance of entrepreneurship stressed in this week’s challenge is what one needs to truly stand-out in their field and what one needs to make an impact that will change the world.

Winning Reflection - Michael Gilbreth

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