Pasta Wagon Challenge

January 24, 2013
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Student Reflection - January 23, 2013

“Use your noodle” is a classic saying referring to the concept of thinking. Today’s challenge used a lot of my noodle. The idea of creating a car from noodles was easy, but building a car to support weight and have the wheels turn was a different story. We spent a lot of time developing the axis for our car and deciding how they would turn. After coming up with many creative, out of the ordinary ideas, we went with our original basic idea. This was to use the spaghetti noodles as the axis and the lifesavers as the wheels. Overall, many groups took this same rudimentary model and like us, the results were average. I have not participated in a challenge in awhile and I forgot how fun it is to take risks. Even when you fail, you learn something. From this specific challenge I learned there is a way make a car that can hold weight, but the real challenge was making one that exceeded the straightforward expectations. Similarly, in the real world of engineering, there is an easy, accurate way to do something, but the results will just be satisfactory. I learned it is important to push the boundaries, even if this results in failure. Sometimes the craziest, out of the box ideas will surprise you! Next challenge I am going to use my noodle and not limit myself to the easy, safe way out. After all it is a weekly innovation “challenge.”

Winning Reflection - Kendra Patton

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