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January 31, 2013
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Student Reflection - January 30, 2013

I went into this completely blind. I had no idea what to expect. I assumed it would be incredibly awkward and uncomfortable because naturally, that is how I expect things to be. I am a pretty awkward shy person. I felt even more confused whenever we were all placed in groups. I was grouped with people from class but I was not very familiar with them.

Once the challenge was presented, however, we seemed to work together very well. I was quite surprised. I have been trying to break out of my shell a little more and I think that this was a great experience. Unknown group, unknown challenge, go! I really like that concept the more I think about it. In a way, the challenge is very similar to real life. We never know what is coming yet we always have to find a solution. We do not know how we will get to the end or whom we will go there with, but we find a way. I was quite surprised with how much I actually enjoyed the challenge itself. I happened to know quite a lot of the questions because my dad used to tell me a bunch of random facts when I was growing up. I vividly remember when my dad told me about the manhole covers being circular because, as a kid, I was confused by it. What did he mean by, “can’t fit in itself.” I had no idea; I was a kid and really did not care why. However, I eventually remembered that moment and was old enough then to realize what he meant.

Most of the questions made us think quite hard, especially on the third level. We ended up making some guesses on a few of them but to our surprise we got some of our guesses correct. For example, we had no idea why flamingos turned pink over time; we thought they were born pink. We guessed that it was because of what they ate and that was the right answer, surprisingly. Granted, we did not place in the contest but I think we were pretty close.

The part that I like most about this challenge is that it is a break from a typical classroom environment. It is good to get outside of the walls of the business school every now and then and be able to work with students from different backgrounds and specialties. I am not going to lie, the potential for winning money definitely helps as well. Being a broke college student, I will take any chance I can take to earn an extra buck or two. I also like the fact that this is a weekly challenge that I will be able to go to every week due to a rather large break I have in the middle of Wednesdays.

Additionally, and probably the most important aspect of this challenge, is that it is potentially a line on your resume. If your group wins you can say, with proof, that you are quick and able to improvise to achieve a desired result.

All in all, I think the challenge is a very positive event that SLU offers that more people need to take advantage of. It is a way to break out of your normal circle of people while challenging your knowledge. The challenge offers a unique way to learn new things while strengthening your ability to think on your feet. This can help in school, work, and in life in general.

Winning Reflection - Shawn Gonzalez

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