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February 21, 2013
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Student Reflection - February 20, 2013

Coming into the challenge I was skeptical and felt out of my element. As an economics and legal studies major anything with the word “engineering” is not exactly my forte. My brother, however, who is a flight science major jumped at the opportunity to get me to be on his team to compete in the challenge. This was the first time I heard of the innovation challenge and I am definitely coming back.

My group could not have been more diverse, a flight science, economics, and biology major, I knew if this required any cranes, equations, or physics I would be completely useless. When our team received the details of the challenge we quickly jumped to create a brochure. After all, I felt that I could put my marketing classes to good use. My brother proceeded to create a 3-D penguin that pops out as I began formatting a brochure. Our goal was to target kids who would spend a day at the zoo and create something they would enjoy looking at. We used warm colors that I learned attract more people to look at brochures because they have a “friendly” appearance. Next, we began formatting pictures that showed activities available at the zoo and decided on a “Disney” theme.

Looking around, my brilliant Disney theme did not seem so brilliant anymore as I saw others cutting, gluing, pasting and folding papers. I was fascinated. Within such little time, other groups had created an origami piece in the shape of a fortune teller and bird. At this point we knew it was crunch time as we tried to think on our feet what could possibly make our work unique. After folding, taping, and tripping over each other as we assembled our project in the last few seconds, we turned it in.

Although we did not win, the entire concept of thinking “out of the box” has me hooked. I think it’s safe to say we were the only group who actually made a standard brochure compared to the 3-D object surrounding us. Next week, we’ll be back to try again and this time, we’ll be better equipped for the next challenge!

Winning Reflection - Michelle Palka

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