Close Ups Challenge

February 28, 2013
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Student Reflection - February 27, 2013

Today’s challenge did not have any stressful time crunch, but because my group members and I are used to working that way we rushed through it. We were given magnified images of random objects and we had to determine what each picture actually was. Taking your time and thinking differently, sums up how to perform this challenge perfectly. Looking at most of the images, it was unclear what they were. Magnified to the degree the images were, many of them became a lot simpler looking. After learning what the objects of the magnified pictures were, it was frustrating. It seemed so simple! Our group tried to hurry through the pictures because we thought faster was better. This proved to be wrong because the winning team took their time and thought very hard about all the pictures. This challenge made me think differently about how I am viewing things. From this challenge I learned that “sometimes things are more than they appear.” This is a lesson that can be used in everyday life because you can learn a lot if you view things in life differently, even if it is as simple as an object.

Winning Reflection - Kendra Patton

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