The Guess the Manufacturer Challenge

April 30, 2015
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This week’s Weekly Innovation Challenge was to describe the type of buyers of specific cars. We were given a list of about 30 cars; each car had different abilities and different target markets. 

The hardest part about the challenge was coming up with clues to describe the specific buyer of the car. We were only allowed to give three clues. Many of our clues were very ambiguous. We were faced with the dilemma of either having clues that are too ambiguous or, on the complete opposite of the spectrum, having clues that are very specific and would give the car away immediately.  Another challenge was guessing other team’s clues. Often times, other teams were describing the car as opposed to “who would buy the car.” 

A strategy we used, that we later found out did not work, was that we would put down what we thought was the car three times. This would have gotten us three points (the max amount of points available per question) however it was a risky guess. As a team we had to all be sure that we were in agreement in order with the car that was being described. What we should have done is gone with the more conservative route and put down three different eclectic guesses that still satisfied the given constraints. 

From a business student perspective this challenge was good because we are always putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes. However because not all the contestants did the same it made it a bit more difficult as the car being described had more vague descriptions.

Winning Reflection - Armando Gutierrez

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