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September 24, 2015
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Today we were given a challenge that hit home…literally. The challenge was to come up with an idea to design, build, or create that would make St. Louis the “Gateway to Innovation”. Being born and raised in St. Louis, I felt as though I had an advantage going in to the challenge. I know a lot of the pros and cons to St. Louis so it would be easy to target certain issues I believe are holding us back. The main issue I believe is that no one wants to come here.  I brought the idea to my group and they agreed with me. The best way to make St. Louis more innovative is to bring more people/organizations in to the area. In the early 1900’s when St. Louis was the “Gateway to the West”, there were two main reasons why the city was so successful. Those reasons are the location (near the Mississippi River and center of the U.S.) and the events which brought people into the city (Olympics, World’s Fair, etc.). Even with the advancements in transportation, there is still an advantage to being centrally located. Our team felt as though we should aim to come up with an idea to attract more conferences, expos, etc. to make St. Louis a forerunner in innovative studies and ideas. 

We decided to use the highly ranked hospitals and universities as an attracting point for St. Louis as a conference location. One problem is that St. Louis does not have a large designated conference center. The America’s Center is the only one and it depends on use of the Edward Jones Dome for large events. We proposed using the Edward Jones Dome solely for conferences to attract bigger organizations. Plans are already in place to give the Rams football team a new home so it would be possible to make this happen. In addition, cost-saving incentives could be used to lure in more organizations.

Our idea, however, was not the winning idea. The winning design proposed the use of turbines to make St. Louis more technologically advanced and look the part as well. Looking back, I wish we had added some element to our proposal that made St. Louis more aesthetically pleasing. One of the key reasons why the city is so recognizable is because of the Arch. I believe the turbine idea won because they incorporated functionality into something that could be used as a cornerstone landmark for the city as well.

Winning Reflection - Michael Hankins´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐

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