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October 8, 2015
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This was my first week this year competing in the innovation challenge. I had competed nearly every week starting in November of last year. I had a team that I did all of the challenges with. However this year I could not get ahold of them so I didn’t do any of the challenges even though I really wanted to. Today I was walking out of MDH and thought to myself, why not? So I  joined two people, I did not know at all, who needed a third member.

Today’s challenge was a fun one. It wasn’t overly confusing but it was still challenging. With no means of measuring the objects with tools, we were forced to think out of the box to come up with a solution to determine the order of masses. Right away, we threw our heads together and began to brainstorm. For just meeting each other we really got off to a great start. Each one of us contributed to the team equally. We came up with the idea of using the party hat and the wooden dowel as a makeshift scale. The center of the dowel was marked and we began to compare the different objects to determine which was heavier than the other. In order for it to be somewhat accurate, we tried to line up the CG of each object at an equal distance from the center.

For the second task whenever we would get stuck, one of us would know exactly what it was and about how big. No one member was in charge. Instead we collaborated and threw out our ideas and size estimations, using the process of elimination, until we all agreed on one. For each object, at least one of us knew roughly the size of it. We felt very confident in our answers and we all agreed on what was written down.

Overall I am very happy that I walked back and participated in this challenge. It was a fun and challenging one. With our teamwork we came out on top (or bottom in terms of score).  I ended up meeting two new friends and from now on we will be a team for future innovation challenges.

Winning Reflection - Ryan Clabots

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